Monday, December 2, 2013

Final Mentor Meeting

Yesterday I drove to Harmony's house for my last mentor meeting of the semester. I was incredibly apprehensive since I had been feeling frustrated and lost(even more so than when we finished with the residency...what?!?!)  for the last month or so. To my surprise, it was so productive. Our conversation offered a lot of insight into process, including hers which was helpful.  Harmony encouraged me to continue exploring the ambiguous space that keeps occurring in my work.  I have to say this has been a challenge but I'm pleased I kept pushing through the frustration throughout the semester.  I have started working through some new ideas after our meeting and couldn't sleep with so much running through my mind.  Exciting!

I hope everyone is doing's a month until we all meet again!!! is some of the work I took to the last meeting.


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