Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Semester

This past residency proved to be a particularly exhausting one, emotionally as well as physically.  It has taken me a bit longer to process and resolve the information that was offered during our time in Boston.   One of the final comments that resonated was "you have to take responsibility for your source material."  So, I will push to do just that.  I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure how that looks at this point but I'll do my best.  As we all know there were loads of good conversations with advisors as well  as classmates and non-advising professors and of course some not so good. These conversations are supporting me in developing confidence in my ideas and my studio practice.  I'm so grateful for the insights offered!

Anyway, this image below seemed to stir the most conversation.  I was aware this particular image meant something, just wasn't certain what it meant as far as my means of expression, still don't. But a suggestion was offered and I am running with it.  This semester I have already started sending out material for people to create a history of sorts onto the canvas.  After a specified amount of time they will return the canvas and I will respond by creating work that hopefully will further develop the current body of work that relates to identity, vulnerability, memory, loss, and shame.
So, here we go!  Eeek!

Here's to a great semester!