Friday, April 25, 2014

43 more and I think I need more....

I question my sanity sometimes...because after I finished stitching the one canvas together...I decided I needed to include another canvas in the same fashion.  So, I proceeded to fold and cut the canvas into similar sizes except for three larger pieces that remind me of pieces of meat which troubles me and haven't deciphered what they mean to me at this point.  After stitching all the pieces, I covered each in wax, while the three larger pieces also were rubbed in paint and then re-waxed. I'm not quite certain yet of the configuration it requires  but am trying to work out the logistics of hanging each object together...maybe I need more...

This particular canvas was left with a friend who also has an adoption story, her sister was adopted.  With that in mind, she created a history  for this canvas with the love she holds in her heart for her sister which includes all the complications that unfold with regards to identity and belonging.


  1. I like this exploration. I feel like all these little bundles are feelings, stories and memories, tied up and hidden inside. Like they are holding themselves in.Have you thought about hanging them in a net?

  2. Oh, what a great idea...thank you. I'll try the net. Glad they come through as feelings, stories, and memories...Thanks, Ann!