Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Continuation

So, I've been continuing my work on the canvasses I received back.  I think I am beginning to discover some larger issues that are relevant to my art practice and ultimately help refine my output for the upcoming thesis. 

I will post the latest objects in process  today and a little recap of where these canvasses have been and what they are becoming.  

I received this canvas from a friend that had the idea that she would sleep with the canvas for the cycle of the moon.  Well, it was incredibly itchy and uncomfortable to sleep with and she kicked it out of her bed after two days.  She intended to do other things together but she said what she ultimately did was neglect the canvas.  It was representative of other things in her life as well.  She felt really bad about not doing anything with it but it really seems appropriate with the nature of this project.  I am not certain how I am going to hang this one.  It needs some tweaking and will continue to play with how she is presented.

This next one, like the second one, came from a writer.  She also wrote directly onto the canvas. She just let all her feelings out onto the canvas and allowed it to be a cathartic experience.  As I was deciding what to do with Donna's canvas I thought it might be easier to handle if it was softer.  I put it in the sink to soak in water.  Well, I was really shocked and disappointed when I pulled it out and her words were practically gone.  I was sort of freaked out and worried I would do Donna's story a disservice.  Instead, I believe that it became everyone's story.  All the messages we've received each day and how that looks as we carry them with us.  

I decided I would cut them into individual messages and stitch them together...(that was an undertaking since I do not sew, I repeat, DO NOT sew.  But I did it and here they are.  This particular one has more work to be done but will post when I have them assembled.

This third one is another one in progress and am not certain about it's particular direction. But here it is anyway. My daughter sent this one to me and I suspect that is why I am being more tentative with hers.  Hmm...we'll see where this one is still very unresolved.  


  1. I love these Cindi. It seems like that unspoken thing that was hinted at in your previous work has burst outwards into existence with these. They are beautiful and strange, both drawing me closer and pushing me away at the same moment. I can't wait to see them in person! Two questions which you may have already answered but how big are the canvases, and did you give each participant the same size?

  2. Thanks, Frances! All but three of the canvases were 4'x5'. I took your idea of drop cloths and found them at Lowe's. The other pieces were linen and a big piece of canvas I got at Dick Blick and split into thirds(I can't remember how large that was)but they are all about the same size as the drop cloths.

  3. Beautiful Cindi! The canvas, colorant, and wax have such a personal feel especially when sewing is included. The gaps, tears, stains, and wax textures take on a human quality. I am looking forward to seeing them in person, I bet they will be all the more amazing when all the details can be seen up close.

  4. Thanks, Nancy! I like the idea of a human quality..thanks.