Friday, May 30, 2014

Figuring Things Out

After a ridiculous amount of over-thinking about how to put all the parts together, I think I've come up with  a solution, at least temporarily. My meeting with my  mentor helped put things into perspective and allowed me to push forward and discover a solution.  I used fishing line to string together the sewn containers, this allows me to arrange the pieces in a way that I am able to suspend the containers along the line at different intervals.  Being able to suspend the containers at different points along the line provides a sensation  the containers are floating similar to how we carry old memories, feelings, old messages, and thoughts within our psyche.  For now, this is what I am settling on since we are galloping towards the cut off point of mailing our work to Boston.

Meeting with my Mentor

I had my fourth meeting with my mentor, Leslie, last week.  She was incredibly helpful in adding insights into concepts, ideas, and progress made during the semester.  Leslie, as usual, helped me step outside of my view of my studio practice and allowed me to see the work as it is and begin to see the next steps for the upcoming semesters.  Leslie has an amazing gift of asking questions that propel you forward in trusting your work and studio practice.   It's been an intense semester by stepping outside of my normal painting practice but, with Leslie's support,  feel it has been an important period of growth, I'm excited to see where the work takes me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Three weeks to go...

There are 3 1/2 more weeks before the final report is sent in for this semester..CRAZY!
I guessI'll do a little recap of the semester through images.  I currently have three, closer to four, canvases I'm still working on and generally trying to decide how to respond to them. There are objects that I feel are resolved but a number of them seem to need more time...  Part of the challenge is logistical and not being quite sure about the best way of grouping or stabilizing the objects, I believe that will come through  trial and error and experimenting by creating smaller versions of the'll happen...
Here are the canvases as of today, the 13th of May.


The following images consist of four separate canvases....

Sunday, May 11, 2014

90+ more....

After my last post I decided I would need more of these objects.  I decided to use two more canvases.  These particular canvases were from two people in my adoptive family. After choosing to use these particular canvases I realized that the  four canvases used for these objects all had been touched by adoption in some fashion.  The first canvas I chose, her mother had been adopted, the second, her sister, and of course these two I was the adoptee.  Anyway, I just thought it a strange coincidence, I hadn't purposely chosen to do it this way.

Below are the objects after one dipping in wax. I think I'll incorporate all these objects with one of the other canvases at some point but haven't decided exactly the best approach at this point.