Friday, May 30, 2014

Figuring Things Out

After a ridiculous amount of over-thinking about how to put all the parts together, I think I've come up with  a solution, at least temporarily. My meeting with my  mentor helped put things into perspective and allowed me to push forward and discover a solution.  I used fishing line to string together the sewn containers, this allows me to arrange the pieces in a way that I am able to suspend the containers along the line at different intervals.  Being able to suspend the containers at different points along the line provides a sensation  the containers are floating similar to how we carry old memories, feelings, old messages, and thoughts within our psyche.  For now, this is what I am settling on since we are galloping towards the cut off point of mailing our work to Boston.

1 comment:

  1. The gaps between the hanging shapes: perfect.

    And, they're no longer cinnamon buns. :-D They are particulates that come together and form strings and connections, chains and relationships.