Tuesday, July 29, 2014

some experimentation and such...

I'm trying some new things as well as working on how I will solidify my direction and trying to decipher and identify exactly what I'm wanting to express through this new work. I am discovering, this semester, I'm doing much more research, thinking, as well as sketching in determining how to approach the work. I'm feeling a bit unsteady and feel as if I'm tip-going through some muddy waters(at least for myself) concerning what shame and shaming women looks like.  Here are some experiments....

Still working on wrapping and coating it with latex

In Process, still adding more waxed thread

making the same objects out of wire mesh

coating the wire mesh with paper and latex

These are the objects (from last residency) coated again with wax and painted and placed on a satin pillow....

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Finding the Way

I have been trying to settle into the new semester.  I'm finding it a struggle to focus in on the very large topic of shame.  I am reading and researching loads and trying to identify what exactly I am hoping my work communicates.  I have been offered really great gifts by two friends.  Fabric and sheets and alginate and plaster gauze to help in finding my direction.  I felt I had mixed critiques and am trying to let the  comments I don't need fall away and hone in on the information that will assist in moving through to the next step on the work.