Monday, September 22, 2014

New ideas

I can't believe we're already at the Mid-Term mark, I'm not quite sure how that happened....holy cow!  After my last mentor meeting with Renée, she encouraged me to take my cocoons out in the world and photograph them in different locations to better understand where they fit in the world. I loaded them up in the car and took them with me wherever I went, it was pretty funny sometimes but we had some good conversations during our rides.  Doing this has given me some new ideas and thoughts about where these cocoons belong and what step might be next for the work which is making me feel pretty excited about the upcoming months.  Although, I've been really struggling with feeling as if I'm all over the place, I think things are starting to come into focus.  As I resolve the new pieces I will begin to post them but for now here are some of the pics of my cocoons.

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  1. This is an awesome Idea by your mentor! I love seeing these creations out and interacting with the world, both in interior and exterior spaces. It seems like it could be a fun and fruitful side project to continue with. Out of curiosity have you considered changing any of these photographs to black and white? I think it may (in some not all of the photographs) give them a mysterious and other worldly quality, and further beg the question of what is being contained and for how long will it remain so. (I'm deep into my paper on the uncanny if you can't tell.) Keep up the awesome work!!!!