Monday, September 1, 2014

More experiments

The research for the Critical Theories Response paper has given me some ideas that are rolling over in my mind and will inform the upcoming semester.  I'm not quite sure where these ideas will lead but conversations with Deborah, Renée, and classmates have allowed some new paths to emerge.

The idea of shame is a large topic which almost feels too daunting to tackle but through these past couple months, doing research, I've come to believe that shame resides within liminal spaces which gives it the power to create a tremendous level of discomfort within each of us.  Although shame is found in these places of "liminality" this is also where transformation occurs, if we choose to allow it to unfold. Therefore, the need to wrap, stitch, and place items within a "cocoon" symbolizing transition and transformations.  The questions that have been raised...What's happening on the inside and how will it emerge?

Anyway, here are some of my experiments....

This larger piece is in the early stages and will need to be coated, painted, and wrapped.

 These images are a continuation from the last post.

an experiment with latex, wire, and cheesecloth

experimenting with casting paper

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